13 inches laptop 3 access in briefcase, Complex organizer Bag, Messenger Bag, Doctor bag, Multi compartmented bag, Organizer

13 inches laptop 3 access in briefcase, Complex organizer Bag, Messenger Bag, Doctor bag, Multi compartmented bag, Organizer

by luellademaine

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A perfect concept for a laptop and miscelaneous thing with a very special feature: – you will be able to take out your laptop through the bottom of your bag without beibg necessary to open the flap of your briefcase only by opening the buttom metal zipper! Of course the laptop will be protected from that zipper by a leather flap inside. Another special feature of this bag is the safety closure. It has 3 closures, easy for you but not for the others arround you. That’s why this bag can be a perfect option for business travels, for flights, etc. of course you can use it everyday. It has big flaped pockets, and many other pockets and special places. It has 35x50cm compartments and don’t forget that one of them has a metal zipper closure.

Another special feature: acces in bag through the zippered pocket from the back of the bag.

Support for trolley bag – a special loop – at the back of the bag.


Please remind that:

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********* 74street LUXURY Term

All our bags and accessories are LUXURY items. And this luxury comes from our cleaned and perfect hand work, from the materials we use and from our perfect and impeccable craftsmanship reached in more than 25 years of experience. You can consider each item as a piece of art, an art work. That how much attention we give to our work that we raised it at luxury and art work level.

********* More than 25 years of experience in WORLDWIDE CUSTOM ORDERS SELLING

Our more than 25 years in handmade leather crafting it’s reflected in all our bags and accessories. The way we now know, after all this years, to cut, to glue to stitch, to invent ways and possibilities to make dreams come true became a perfection. We touched the superior lever of art crafting.

********* Chosen by BRITISH VOGUE for several time to appear in their magazine for several time

Our experience and profesional level guided us here, in this direction. You can see British Vogue November Edition 2014, British Vogue December Edition 2014.

********* 74street UNIQUE LEATHER

We always choose the unique leather with it’s imperfections, scrathes, marks, embossings. Each and every piece of leather that we use has it’s own imperfect unicity that we are not trying to hide. The upposite: we are trying to preserve it the way it is, and more than that to put all this little imperfections in a light of a unique perfection. We choose the leather that we know for sure, from our experience that will grow old beautiful.

Note: the leather used by 74street is Chrome free, vegetable oil tanned.

********* 74street UP-CYCLED HARDWARE

All our hardware has a story, we search for them each and every weekend not just in Transilvania but in our bordering countries to find that new “little something” that will reborn and turn back to life from a little dusted accessorie into a beautiful accessory ready to take life from the beggining form our hands. We search for dusted antique, vintage pieces or retro accessories, furniture hardware, keys, eyelets, or any other up-cycled little thing. All our effort is payed by your happiness when you choose our articles.

********* 74street HANDMADE ART

74streetbags is a home studio. Everything you will find here is hand crafted, hand cut, hand stitched by only me and my husband with a manual 1895 Singer machine, actioned by hand, no pedal or electrical parts in it. We work with vintage hand tools tike leather knife, hand eyeleting, hand finishing. We create, design and cut all our pattern for bags and accessories.

*********74street GUARANTEE FOR LIFE

Each and every item we design has a special ingredient: our love. Our love in all it’s way possible. We share our love together and materializing it in taking shapes sometime in a beautiful bag, a wonderful trolley or sometimes even in two bracelets or a unique corset. Through the quality of all our materials we used, we definetly guarantee you for life.


And please allow us to
Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

…for choosing us, for choosing to respect the up-cycling research we do, to invest in a lifetime leather unique item, for chossing the originality and the unicity of a handmade item. Thank you for understanding and appreciating our professionalism borned more than 25 years ago.

Remember: all our bags and accessories are made in our 74street home studio in Oradea, Transilvania / Romania not in a factory.


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