Catacomb 3D AMIGA CD32 !Collector’s Edition!


Catacomb 3D AMIGA CD32 !Collector’s Edition!

by ARES Computer Inh. Pascal Papara

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Catacomb 3D AMIGA CD32 !Collector’s Edition!

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Catacomb 3D AMIGA CD32 !Collector’s Edition!


If you are a indieGO! Kickstarter supporter, please contact us before ordering, so you can get a VIP-status in this shop which will show you better prices.


Also if you are a AmiCLoud/AEROS subscriber or Patreon you will get the game for 19.90€.. please contact us before placing the order. Did you buy Projekt Lila? Please contact me as well


This is an “officially licensed relese” of id Software’s Catacomb3D


The Game uses the CD32’s Akiko chip to do C2P. It features the Adlib Sound-effects from the PC version + CD-Audio.


On top it fatures also saving on a stock CD32.


The games is delivered in an DVD-Case and comes with a 12 page thick booklet with Histroy, Info about Items and more.


System requirements:


Amiga CD32 or ECS Amiga

with a 14 MHz 68020

processor and 2 MB Chip

RAM. Additional Fast RAM is

recommended for optimal

performance. At least

Kickstart v3.0 is required.


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