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Greenbox NHS 2 Batch #1 (limited to 19 units)

2.108,84  (excl. applicable VAT)

“The Legend returns”


The Greenbox NHS consumes as little as 10W while it mines XBTX and stakes PARA. The box is not accessible by the user directly, except you replace the OS with something else. Instead it connects to a Server cloud and is actively managed by PAPARA AG in Switzerland. The Tokenshare is 80/20 which means that 80% of the revenue generated with the Box is paid as a service fee by PAPARA AG to the box owner.

As of today 8th of September 2022 the monthly ROI is expected to be 50% based on Token ROI (not FIAT value). Please keep in mind that ROI and Prices are not guaranteed and a matter of the markets.

Greenbox NHS 2 Batch #1 (limited to 19 units)