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[POP-NFT] [share] Predator #1 1989 9.4 CBCS Rating

50,00  (excl. applicable VAT)

This is “Predator” #1(Vol. 1, 1989), 1st print graded 9.4 by CBCS


[POP-NFT] [share] Predator #1 1989 / Dark Horse 9.4 CBCS Rating

Invest now in a piece of comic history and benefit from higher resale values in the future !  10 x 50€ = 500€ Dropprice. Estimated resale price: 500€ x 1,2 = 600€

This is Predator #1 (Vol. 1, 1989), 1st print graded 9.4 by CBCS.  This book features the first appearance of the “Predator” in Comics and is considered a Copper Age Key book.


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[POP-NFT] [share] Predator #1 1989 9.4 CBCS Rating