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[POP-NFT] [share] Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers hand signed Football

50,00  (excl. applicable VAT)

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers hand signed Football with certification of authenticity (coa#2340380)


[POP-NFT] [share] Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers hand signed Football (coa#2340380)

Invest now in a piece of America’s Football history and benefit from higher resale values in the future !  30 x 50€ = 1500€ Dropprice. Estimated resale price: 1500€ x 1,2 = 1800€

This Football has got a certificate of authentication and a tamper proof serial numbered hologram. This serial can be entered into the third party authenticator website at www.autographauthentication.net. After entering the serial the page will verify, that the item is indeed genuine and has an authentic signature from Tom Brady himself.

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Totals shares of this product: 30, where 1 is kept by us.

A POP-NFT will be send to every purchaser of the share as a gift. It is not representing an ownership on the product itself but it allows you to show the world what you own. To receive the POP-NFT you will need a valid XBTX-Blockchain Wallet Address.

[POP-NFT] [share] Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers hand signed Football