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[POP-NFT] Virtual Racing Sega Mega Drive 1994

70,00  (excl. applicable VAT)

Virtual Racing Sega Mega Drive 1994


[POP-NFT] Virtual Racing for  Sega Mega Drive from 1994. The condition of this product is “complete, used and good”.  In addition to the purchase you get a unique POP-NFT (Proof of purchase Token) for free.

Specifications: L 20cm x W 13cm x H 3cm

Please note: Purchased or auctioned products (both digital and physical) must be taxed. We automatically add the country-specific tax rate to the purchase amount while your checking out.

A free POP-NFT will be send to the purchaser after purchasing. It is not representing an ownership on the product itself but it allows you to show the world what you own. To receive the POP-NFT you will need a valid XBTX-Blockchain Wallet Address.

Additional information

Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 3 cm

[POP-NFT] Virtual Racing Sega Mega Drive 1994