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vPiggy Cloud

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vPiggy (virtual piggy bank) is a preconfigured server with graphical deskop environment.

Think of it as a computer in the cloud that you can access via remote desktop from anywhere in the world.

Unlike normal server offerings, it’s geared toward desktop use cases rather than command-line-only. You can browse the web, use Office and more while conserving your own battery or reducing your power bill.

You can rent as many vPiggies as you want. Every time you place an order, you’ll get a 10% discount on your next order.

If you are a member of BitinsureMe, you will get cashback instead of the discount, as this is easier to manage.

We take responsibility only at the server level (the host of the vPiggy). What happens inside the vPiggy is completely your responsibility. Just like a real PC.

vPiggy is protected from outside attacks by firewall and encryption, but if you install third party software or malware inside the VM, we can’t protect you and we are not responsible for any damage to your data.

We back up your data 1x every 30 days. The first time 30 days after the order. We recommend that you continuously create your own backups of your important data. You can use tools like Dropbpox or Rsync for this purpose.

Owners of a virtual or real piggy bank or blue and green boxes, as sold on https://blueboxing.net, can order at a discounted price. All others will have to order the regular offerings at the higher price.

Attention. To access a vPiggy you need a RDP cliet (e.g. Microsoft Remote Desktop) that can handle encrypted TLS connections. Unencrypted connections are not possible.

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vPiggy S 1000.00 €, vPiggy M 1.500 €, vPiggy L 2.000 €

vPiggy Cloud